Crisis Resources

Helping Students After a School Shooting

Helping Students in Troubling Times

Social Emotional Learning -School Shootings: How to Talk to Students



Overall crisis/trauma toolkit/resources:

Titles from National Center for Youth Issues:

The Ant Hill Disaster - This book by Julia Cook helps children who have been touched by tragedy, specifically one that happened to their school, find hope and the ability to face another day without fear. This can be used for school shootings, natural disasters, and other traumatizing experiences.

I'm Not Scared...I'm Prepared! - We had no idea when we started six months ago to refresh this Julia Cook title that its rerelease would be so timely. This book teaches children, along with teachers and administrators, how to handle a violent intruder in a school building using the research-based concepts of ALICE in a non-fearful way.

15-Minute Focus: Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management for K-12 Schools - This book explains the interrelated factors that play a role in a person’s decision to plan and carry out an act of violence. You’ll discover why and how to establish BTAM teams and protocols, how teachers, administrators, counselors and the community can work together to mitigate troubling behavior and ensure student success, and much more.

    Resources after a natural disaster

    Talking to students about Ukraine

    Helping Students Through Tough Times

    Re-entry Support

    Race and Equity Resources:

    Tennessee Specific Resources:

    Best For All TN

    TN Department of Education

    Toolkit for Teachers and Administrators to Incorporate Social and Personal Competencies into Instruction

    College For TN

    REL Appalachia - supporting grandparents and kinship caregivers as they represent an increasing proportion of guardians of students in our schools. RELAP-Grandfamilies-CoP-Flyer_Acc.pdf

    General Resources

    Here4TN has a variety of resources related to mental and emotional health. A Depression Screening Tool from Mental Health America is available at this link, while a newsletter with information about suicide awareness, loneliness and back-to-school challenges is available at this link.

    Resources By Grade Level


    Class Dojo Ideas

    SEL while you watch tv/movies:

    Brain Pop

    CASEL Vanderbilt's Guide To Teaching Kids Feelings  

    Discovery Education


    ReThink Ed


    Kids Health Mindfulness

    Head Space 

    CALM App Free Resources



    School- fee involved


    Autism Speaks

    ADHD- Attitude Magazine

    Teaching Tolerance

    Movement and De-stressing


    Teens- and

    Character Education

    Quotes and videos-

    Books, games, and apps-

    Second Step-paid licensing fee

    Overcoming Obstacles-free


    Social emotional development-

    For parenting support, and

    Academic Skills

    Study Skills

    Study Skills Guides

    Organizing Skills

    Time Management


    College and Career Development

    Turning At Risk Into Promise: A college and career readiness group for African American middle school boys

    Education Planner

    My Next Move

    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    TN College and Career Planning

    College for TN

    Suicide Prevention

    Signs of Suicide-paid subscription

    Jason Foundation

    Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

    Internet Safety

    Cyberbullying Research Center

    Computer Monitoring Software

    Smart Social

    Parental Controls for Devices, Apps, etc.

    Bullying Prevention


    Stop Bullying

    Bystander Revolution

    Kiwanis Kids

    LGBTQ Resources

    Drug and Alcohol Prevention

    Natural High

    Students Against Destructive Decisions

    Project Alert

    Truth Initiative

    SEL Lessons


    ReThink Ed



    Down Dog app

    Head Space 

    CALM App Free Resources



    School- fee involved

    College and Career Development

    Tennessee 2020 ACT College and Career Readiness Workshop : for the latest ACT Updates, Resources, and PD.  They can also share this link with administrators, testing coordinators, and teachers who help with the school or district’s College and Career Readiness Plan or Strategic Assessment Plan in improving scores and increasing opportunities for students.

    College Prep Checklist

    Education Planner

    My Next Move

    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    TN College and Career Planning

    College for TN

    Choosing a College When You Can’t Visit

    College Board for Counselors Website.

    The Occupational Outlook Handbook - This website & book are updated every two years. There is extensive data on occupations, including long-term outlook projections showing the estimated growth or reduction of jobs by occupation.

    Kuder Assessment - Use the Tennessee College and Career Planning System to assess your interests, skills, and work values. Sponsored by Edsouth, every student in Tennessee is able to access this planning system free of charge.

    O*Net -  U.S. Department of Labor database describes 1122 occupations by 483 characteristics. The site also provides skills and assessment instruments.  

    Peterson's Culinary Schools - This site contains a listing of top cooking and restaurant management schools in the United States and around the world.    

    CareerInfoNet - This site provides keyword-search capability for hundreds of occupations as well as extensive descriptions about them, including detailed data about their employment outlook and salary range as a national average and by each state.      

    Tennessee Career Information Delivery System (TCIDS) -      

    America's Job Bank -

    NCAA Eligibility Information

    Academic Support

    Test Prep

    MyACT  Used to register for the ACT National test, send scores, and more. At the bottom of this page is a link and a phone number for help that a student can use after consulting the FAQs.

    ACT FAQs and Help

    Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Support

    Signs of Suicide-paid subscription

    Jason Foundation

    Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide


    Movement and De-stressing

    Humble Warriors Yoga and Mindfulness--From a School Counselor, Teacher and Yoga Instructor!  Check back for additional videos

    Resources for Counselors Educators/ Higher Ed

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